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Artisan Series Experiences

Gold Coast, Hinterland, Stradbroke Island, Byron Bay, Tweed Valley & Brisbane

Dive into local crafts, savour unmatched delicacies in alfresco settings, and traverse stunning landscapes for an unforgettable adventure.

Swim with whales, dive into surf culture, dine with MasterChef, paint with an aboriginal artist, join a private whisky masterclass or embark on a photographic odyssey. 

Family Series Experiences

Gold Coast, Hinterland, Stradbroke Island, Byron Bay, Tweed Valley & Brisbane

Embark on unforgettable family adventures across Brisbane, Gold Coast, Stradbroke Island, Byron Bay, and Tweed Valley. Witness wildlife and waterfalls in Brisbane, snorkel with turtles on the Gold Coast, kayak alongside dolphins in Byron Bay, and cycle through the scenic Tweed Valley.

Each region offers unique experiences, from culinary delights in alfresco settings to encounters with koalas and kangaroos. These tours blend education, natural beauty, and gastronomic exploration, perfect for creating lasting family memories.

Heli-Tour Series

Byron Bay, Granite Belt, Stradbroke Island & Noosa

Indulge in relaxed aerial explorations of scenic wonders of the Granite Belt, Byron Bay, Stradbroke Island, Noosa Hinterland, and more with Kiff & Culture’s Heli-Tour Series.  Take in spectacular aerial views, enjoy extraordinary gastronomy, and navigate remarkable landscapes for a memorable escapade.

Foodie Feasts

Brisbane, Gold Coast, Tamborine Mountain, Tweed Valley & Byron Bay

Savour the flavours of Brisbane, Gold Coast, Hinterlands, Tweed Valley, and Byron Bay with Kiff & Culture’s Foodie Feasts. Immerse in culinary delights, explore diverse gastronomic landscapes, and enjoy the finest local cuisine.

Each experience offers a unique taste journey, from hinterland hideaways to seaside splendours, promising unforgettable dining experiences amid some of Australia’s most picturesque settings.


Brisbane, Gold Coast , Tamborine Mountain & Granite Belt

Immerse yourself in the art of winemaking and indulge in the finest varietals. Journey through Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Tamborine Mountain, and the Granite Belt for unparalleled wine experiences.


Brisbane, Gold Coast, Tamborine Mountain, Tweed Valley & Byron Bay

Delve into the world of gin in extraordinary locales across Brisbane, Tamborine Mountain, the Gold Coast, Tweed Valley, and Byron Bay. From lush rainforests to chic urban settings, and tranquil lawns with views of Mt. Warning, explore the art of gin-making in unique surroundings.

Savour artisanal gins, learn from master distillers, and enjoy bespoke cocktails in picturesque locations. These gin journeys offer a distinct taste of local gins, blending exquisite flavours with stunning backdrops.

Indigenous Culture

Stradbroke Island, Brisbane, Gold Coast & Byron Bay

Explore the rich Indigenous culture of Brisbane, Gold Coast, Stradbroke Island, and Byron Bay. Engage in authentic experiences, including painting workshops, bush tucker tours, and walks through headlands and creeks as well as a full-day tour of Stradbroke Island (Minjerribah), led by an Aboriginal guide, immersing you in the local traditions, stories, and landscapes.

These experiences offer a profound connection to Australia’s ancient heritage, shared through the eyes of its First Peoples.

Fire to Fork Events

Brisbane, Gold Coast, Tamborine Mountain, Tweed Valley, Noosa & Byron Bay

Experience the unique Fire to Fork outdoor dining adventure across Brisbane, Gold Coast, Tamborine Mountain, Noosa, Tweed Valley, and Byron Bay. Led by a skilled Fire Chef, savour local produce masterfully cooked over open flames for over 6 hours.

This culinary experiences merges traditional fire cooking with modern gastronomy, offering a rustic yet refined dining experience in an alfresco setting. Relish the rich, smoky flavours in stunning natural settings for an unforgettable gastronomic delight.

Multi-day Adventures

Brisbane to Byron Bay, Tweed Valley & Gold Coast

Embark on multi-day adventures with our exclusive tour collection. Experience the Brisbane to Byron Food Trail, exploring culinary delights from cityscapes to coastlines. Enjoy the East Coast Luxury Stay on the Tweed Coast, where serene beaches meet indulgent comfort.

Discover the Hinterland Luxury Wine Stay, immersing in vineyards, mountainous landscapes and exquisite wine tastings. Each journey combines luxury accommodations, gourmet experiences, and breathtaking landscapes for a truly memorable exploration of Australia’s diverse beauty.

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