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6 Best Ideas for Corporate Team Building Activities

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Whether you’re an ambitious SMB or an established national brand, team-building activities can help your staff foster better working relationships.

The benefits are numerous, from mitigating conflict to enhancing team cohesion and bolstering employee motivation. And with so many compelling options, there’s a fun team-building exercise suitable for every company culture.  

Here’s a shortlist of our six favourite options.

Amazing Race

Fancy getting the gang outdoors?

An Amazing Race-style event is a great way to fine-tune those teamwork skills while enjoying the fresh air.

Unlike the hit TV series, your employees won’t need to run vast distances. Instead, they’ll wander around a pre-determined area while problem-solving puzzles in a scavenger hunt-style adventure. That makes this collaborative competition suitable for participants of all physical abilities.

corporate team building activities


Combining intellectualism with collaboration, trivia has long been a popular corporate event. No need to bore your employees with mundane, monotonous questions. From humorous themes to tactile tasks and game show-style twists, there’s a whole host of ways to spice up a trivia night.

Plus, you won’t break the bank. All you’ll need is a relatively quiet space, a string of separated tables, and a basic A/V set-up. Throw in some drinks and nibbles to placate grumbling tummies.

Escape Rooms

Escape rooms have long been a mainstay among corporate teams looking to let off steam. Collaborative by nature, each group must hone their team-working skills to solve a series of mind-bending mysteries.

Time-sensitive challenges encourage staff to work effectively under pressure, while leadership roles let managers prove their mettle outside the office.

As a nifty bonus, escape rooms are widely available, affordable, and easily organised.

Battle of the Minds

Struggling to find a team-building exercise to fit with your budget and time constraints?

Then let your staff duke it out in a fast-paced battle of the minds. If you’ve got a small available space in the workplace, you won’t even need to leave the office to organise this one.

The game involves placing a series of challenges around a room, which competing teams must solve to progress. Tasks can be catered to accommodate various strengths, from creative to artistic and mathematical puzzles.

Set-up and pack-down times are minimal, making this an enticing option for a quick mood booster during office hours.


The boss is being held hostage and needs urgent help. This collaborative team-building game sees employees solve puzzles to gather sufficient funding to pay the ransom.

Each team receives a map and cryptic clues, which they use to navigate a local area and tackle mind-bending challenges. The first team to reach a pre-set meeting point with the ransom in hand will save the day.

Ransom incorporates an eclectic mix of problem-solving, teamwork, and communication-based tasks, all the hallmarks of an effective team-building exercise. 

Competitive Cooking

Let your staff unleash their inner Masterchef with a competitive cooking event. Each team gets a recipe with the necessary ingredients and must work together to whip up a delicious dish at record speed. A professional chef overlooks the action to offer advice and taste-test the end products.

Whoever prepares the yummiest dish within a pre-defined timeframe wins. Naturally, that’ll require exercising your communication and teamwork skills. 

competitive cooking teambuilding activities

Book Team Building Activities with Kiff & Culture

As a corporate event specialist, Kiff & Culture draws on a network of trusted partners to offer an array of fun team-building exercises, including all the above options. Our customisable activities are specially designed to enhance communication and collaboration between staff.

Contact us today to see how we can create the perfect team-building event for you.

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