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5 Key Benefits of a Corporate Retreat

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A corporate retreat can be the perfect antidote to the post-lockdown, hybrid work blues. Get your team together, strengthen those bonds and brainstorm the heck out of a project.

Haven’t had a corporate retreat in a while? Here are 5 benefits that will have you clicking “Book Now” on a team adventure. 

What is a Corporate Retreat? 

A corporate retreat is a workplace event that can span a day to a whole week. A retreat is designed to facilitate team bonding, brainstorming, motivation, and relaxation.  

They’re also commonly referred to as work retreats or company retreats. 

A corporate retreat can be company-wide, department-wide, or team-wide. They’re usually held at an enticing destination where attendees can have fun, network, and hold meetings. 

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What Are the Main Benefits of a Corporate Retreat? 

Have you noticed your team is feeling flat and morale has tanked? Or maybe you’ve got a hot project that requires deep work and heightened creativity. 

A corporate retreat can blow away the cobwebs and get your team back on track. Here are 5 benefits you can leverage with a corporate retreat. 

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1. Supercharged Creativity

Getting away from the everyday can ignite inspiration. Being exposed to new scenery, activities, and fun can get those synapses firing. 

In fact, science shows that new experiences and changes in scenery can lead to increased creativity. This is just what a corporate retreat can deliver. 

Add in fun, social activities alongside brainstorming sessions for best results. Our foodie adventures offer the perfect experience for staff to unwind, drink in the scenery and chat over award-winning food. They’ll be perfectly primed for a creative work session.

2. Belonging and Connectedness

Lockdown and hybrid work saw a decline in social interaction. This can see our feelings of belonging and connectedness dip. We’re hardwired to be social, therefore in-person contact enriches our experience. 

In fact, having a feeling of belonging in the workplace can increase job performance by 56%, according to Harvard Business. 

A corporate retreat is an opportunity to get the gang back together. It can offer your team valuable face time with management and offer opportunities to network. 

Plan retreat activities that foster team bonding, inclusion, and socialising. When staff feel like they’re part of a team, they thrive. And so does your organisation. 

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3. Motivation and Mindset 

Beautiful locations, fun activities, good company, great food, and plenty of libations… Sounds good right? That’s just what a good corporate retreat can deliver. 

Having something to look forward to can make your team feel excited and motivated to perform. And getting away to a different location can invigorate your team.

You can arrange training and activities around motivation and mindset at your corporate retreat. It’s a great addition to staff development and can prime your team to excel. 

4. Enhanced Workplace Culture 

Workplace stress has risen by 20% in the last 3 decades, according to Forbes. And the world has seen turmoil in recent times. Pair that with a feeling of being overworked and undervalued…  And staff retention can plummet. 

A corporate retreat can address these issues. And here’s how:

  • Make staff feel rewarded with a stay at a stunning locale.
  • Deepen a sense of belonging with team bonding sessions.
  • Hold staff feedback sessions to check in on workplace culture.
  • Invest in staff development with training sessions.
  • Relax and blow off steam with fun activities.

When your team feels supported, valued, and heard, your workplace culture will benefit.

5. Superstar Team Members

When a company invests in its staff and workplace culture… Word gets around. 

Holding regular corporate retreats can lead to rockstar contenders knocking down your door. That means you’ll have cream of the crop applicants when you’re hiring.

Also, corporate retreats can contribute to positive retention rates. Go the extra mile in supporting your superstar team members, and they’ll stick around. 

When a company loses long-term high performers, it can be disastrous. Vast corporate knowledge goes out the door. 

So, consider holding a corporate retreat to make your staff feel appreciated and supported. 

Want to wow your team? We can help you to create a bespoke corporate experience

Or, you can choose from our packages that take you to stunning locations between Brissie and Byron. We’ve got the low down on the best food, beverages, and experiences.

Contact us today! We’d love to take you on your next adventure. 

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