q Micro Wedding: What's Driving the Trend and its Benefits
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The Rise of the Micro Wedding: What’s driving this trend and is it here to stay?

The pandemic brought about a lot of changes, including the rise of the micro wedding. Learn exactly what a micro wedding is, why it’s rising in popularity and the benefits of jumping on this trend for your own wedding.

What is a micro wedding?

The industry-standard definition of a micro wedding is that it’s an intimate affair with less than 50 guests. It features all the traditions of a wedding, just on a much smaller scale. Think of them as a cross between an elopement (often a secretive or destination affair with only a witness present) and a traditional wedding.

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Why is the micro wedding rising in popularity?

One of the biggest factors behind the rise in micro weddings is, of course, money. With the average Australian wedding setting couples back $36,000, a micro wedding can significantly reduce this cost (more than 50% in most cases). The other factor contributing to the rise is the pandemic, when there were lockdowns, closures and density limits. 

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Benefits of a micro wedding

If you’re still undecided on this trend, here are several benefits to having a micro wedding.


Planning a micro wedding gives a couple a lot more freedom than a traditional wedding with its formalities and expectations. With no tight schedules, large guest numbers or requirements, you can let your imagination run wild.

For example, a smaller guest list opens up a world of possibilities when it comes to your wedding venue. We’re talking about your favourite restaurant or bar, an art gallery or hey, the Empire State Building! You can also go bigger and plan a destination micro wedding or host a wedfest. This is where guests stay onsite following the celebration. The world is your oyster!

Spend less money

As mentioned, a smaller wedding generally equals a smaller budget. There’s no need for more than one floral arrangement, a multi-tiered cake or renting excess furniture. Focus on the big three: food, music and alcohol, and you have yourself a party. Then you can add in the little details that suit your vibe and celebrate your love. A smaller wedding also equals a smaller shot list, so don’t hesitate to speak to a photographer about creating a custom package for your needs. But a photographer is one thing you shouldn’t skip, even for a micro wedding.

Reduced planning

A further benefit of a smaller wedding is that it can generally be planned in less time than a larger affair. Fewer guests equal less planning and reduced stress. I mean, who can say no to that?

A more intimate experience

While a traditional big wedding with 200-plus guests can be an outright party, a micro wedding offers a more intimate experience. You can still have a party and enjoy all the little details, like the food and entertainment. But you can also relax and spend quality time with each guest. This intimacy can also put brides and grooms at ease who don’t feel comfortable standing in front of hundreds of people to say ‘I do’.

Focus on what it’s all about

Many couples who embrace a smaller wedding say it allows them to focus on the true meaning of the day, which is their love and commitment to each other for the rest of their lives, instead of being sidetracked by last-minute hiccups. 

Spend money elsewhere

Because you’re saving money on the wedding, you might like to spend more on other events. This might be planning unforgettable hen’s and buck’s parties. Check out Kiff and Culture for our range of food and drink experiences from Brisbane to Byron Bay. Alternatively, turn your honeymoon into your dream holiday.

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