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5 Big Mistakes to Avoid When Planning Your Next Girls Weekend

There’s nothing better than a cheeky weekend away with the girls.

But every ladies-only escape is destined to go pear-shaped if you don’t do your due diligence during the planning stage.

We’ve whipped together a list of five critical mistakes to avoid when organising your upcoming girl’s weekend. To ensure you’re getting the best possible advice, we spoke to the party-planning expert, Ali, over at Girls Getaways.

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Not Getting Everyone Onboard

The last thing you want is to kick-start your dream trip only to learn the girls aren’t happy with the activities.

“We sometimes have groups go on wine tours, and half of them don’t drink alcohol. Definitely not ideal,” Ali says.

It’s crucial to get everyone on the same page about the budget, too. Otherwise, you’ll have a financially-stressed group of girls who’ll whinge about every additional expense.

“Before you start booking things, it’s good to know what everyone in the group is willing to spend. Many groups also think fewer people will be cheaper, but it’s often the opposite. The more you invite, the more you can split the costs.”

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Leaving Things Too Late

Don’t leave planning until the last minute.

“Things tend to book out quickly, and it’s always a hassle when you leave everything to the last minute,” Ali says.

But how far ahead is necessary?

It depends where you’re going and when. Some businesses book out months in advance during the peak season, so plan accordingly. The same logic applies to restaurant reservations, especially if you’re pining to dine at fancy digs.

“There’s nothing worse than trying to find a last-minute dinner reservation when everything is booked out.”

Poor Packing

It’s a fine line between stuffing too much in your suitcase or too little. Make a list of destination-appropriate essentials and share it with all attendees. The packing process becomes even more essential if you’re staying in a remote location.

Think about your food, too.

“Check if the property supplies basic kitchen ingredients like pepper, salt, oils, milk etc. That way, you can be prepared when you arrive and don’t have to rush to the shops,” Ali says.

But most importantly, don’t forget to bring enough wine.

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Booking Too Many Activities

While it might be tempting to ram-pack your itinerary with back-to-back activities, be careful not to go overboard. Most women want to relax after a stressful week at work, and there’s nothing worse than rushing around like mad all weekend.

“People generally like some downtime when they are on holiday. It’s also wise to note that activities like pampering can take hours,” Ali says.

Not Doing Enough Research

Although we don’t recommend overdoing it on activities, it’s worth working out roughly what you want to do before arriving at your destination. That way, you won’t waste your precious weekend doing last-minute research.

“If you are going to Byron Bay, for example, take note of any events taking place, and make a list of places you want to see and visit,” says Ali.

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Book a Girls Weekend with Kiff & Culture Tours

If you’re looking to book an epic girl’s weekend in South East Queensland/Northern NSW, we’ve got the ultimate option for you.

Our Brisbane to Byron Food Trail brings you the best gourmet gastronomy this fertile region has to offer—it’s the perfect weekend trip for a group of food and wine lovin’ girls.

On our three-day epicurean adventure, you’ll stay in a swanky sustainable luxury hotel, devour divine farm-to-table fare, quaff artisanal booze, and embark on an insightful indigenous culture tour.

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