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6 Reasons Why Your Business Needs In-Person Corporate Events

When lockdowns pumped the breaks on face-to-face work and corporate events, technology saved the day. But what toll has it taken on workplace wellness, and personal connections? 

With restrictions winding back, there’s never been a better time to schedule in-person corporate events with your team. A work retreat or team-building adventure can reap a myriad of benefits.

Communicate in person, escape the workday doldrums, and redevelop team bonds. 

Read on to find out what in-person corporate events can deliver for your staff and organisation. 

1. Build Connections and Strengthen Relationships 

Sassy on Slack and tetchy on Teams? It can happen. That’s because more than half of human communication relies on non-verbal cues. 

When we’re communicating online, wires get crossed. Also, research shows that Zoom fatigue is real, as video calls are taxing on our concentration. 

Humans communicate better when we interact in person. So face-to-face activities are vital for team connectedness and relationship building. 

Also, corporate events and work social gatherings are perfect for onboarding new hires. They can get to know the team in a more relaxed setting. 

2. Encourage Creative and Innovative Thinking

Slogging away online and being isolated from peers can diminish creativity. When teams can brainstorm and collaborate freely in person, magic can happen. 

Effective collaboration and creative work rely on trust and strong team relationships. The best way to foster this is with in-person activities. 

Corporate events or brainstorming sessions in an inspiring locale can encourage focus, and stimulate creativity. A well-planned brainstorming retreat breaks up the monotony of everyday work, encourages togetherness, and can spark innovative thinking. 

A quiet retreat in nature with breathtaking scenery, team-building activities, and purpose-designed meeting spaces can be just the thing to rekindle the creative fire in your team. 

The Barn, located in Ballina Shire, offers all of the above and more. And it’s only an approximate 2-hour drive from Brisbane.  

3. Nurture Health and Wellness 

Isolation from peers and constant nose to the grindstone can cause stress when unchecked. And when you’re feeling burned out, productivity plummets. 

Even something as simple as a regular work catch-up at the local cafe can make people feel more connected.

Or, a corporate retreat with the perfect combination of nature, wellness, and fun could be in order.

Kiff and Culture’s 3-Day Brisbane to Byron Byron Food Trail offers just that. Catch up with workmates while enjoying the best food in the region. You’ll also stay in the 5-star eco and wellness resort, Crystalbrook Byron, with on-site, yoga, a spa, and Tallows Beach nearby. 

Crystalbrook Byron corporate retreat 

4. Celebrate Achievements and Reward the Team 

Let’s face it. The last few years have been tough. People have had to adapt to hybrid work, increased tech, and uncertainty.

And with the scramble to respond to the challenges of the pandemic in the work environment, it was easy to overlook achievements. 

But it’s now more important than ever to recognise team performance and reward hard work. Recognition of a job well done can supercharge motivation, bolster resolve and boost productivity. 

Want to say thank you for crushing it? You could arrange a relaxed day of food, drink, and social connection, like the Tambourine Mountain Wine and Dine tour.

Or, for a full corporate retreat with inspirational bonding activities and event spaces … Cedar Creek Lodges has all the amenities and team activities such as hiking, zip-lining, and tree-top adventures. 

corporate incentive day at Tamborine Mountain

5. Improve Workplace Culture 

A healthy workplace culture is imperative for overall business success. Toxic elements in a workplace can lead to staff feeling, stressed, isolated, and undervalued.  The toxicity can spread and affect performance and revenue. 

In-person corporate events are perfect opportunities to instil positive work culture by:

  • incorporating team-building activities to strengthen bonds and self-esteem,
  • promoting health and wellness, 
  • celebrating achievements,
  • providing learning and development activities, and
  • communicating organisational goals, missions, and values in a fun and relaxed setting. 

With a great workplace culture, you can avoid employee attrition. This leads us to the next point…

6. Boost Employee Retention

When you’re employees feel supported, connected, and heard, they’re more likely to stay. And in the wake of the Great Resignation, it’s never been more important to foster these feelings in your staff. 

Every new hire to an organisation is a big investment. And high performers have oodles of corporate knowledge and KPI smashing skills. You don’t want to see good folk leave. 

Well-planned in-person corporate events and team-building adventures can aid in strengthening staff retention by: 

  • breaking up the monotony of everyday work tasks, 
  • getting the gang together to foster team spirit, the celebration of wins, communication, and deep connection,
  • dissolving work team silos and the isolation of remote work, and
  • encouraging motivation, health, and wellbeing. 

When we meet in person, we’re more engaged. We’re social creatures! So it’s important to create space for these types of connections between your team. 

And while you’re at it, you can have fun, and work on building a healthy workplace culture. 

Create a tailored corporate event with Kiff & Culture

Need inspiration for corporate events, social outings, or team-building days? Check out Kiff and Culture’s experiences. We have day trips, retreats, and tours that are filled with food, fun, and togetherness. We can even work with you to whip up a bespoke tour.  

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