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4 Innovative Team-Building Experiences for Executives

Team-building activities aren’t just for middle managers and entry-level employees. Leaders and C-suite executives also find them helpful, and the benefits can filter down through the lower ranks. According to this McKinsey report, strong executive relationships enhance an organisation’s success.  

But run-of-the-mill team-building exercises won’t always prove effective for leadership. Many executives prefer formal over light-hearted activities and longer experiences over quick ice-breakers. Smaller groups and an educational component can also help turbocharge success.

Need help finding suitable team-building experiences for executives? Here are four options to try at your next corporate event.  

Memorable Moments

A blend of humour and reflection, this 45-minute exercise sees your executives contemplate achievements. As a result, it’s perfect for Christmas parties and other EOY events. The game encourages executives to forget about the future and think back to the past. By celebrating and reflecting on previous achievements, they can implement successful strategies in upcoming projects.

The exercise begins with an ice-breaker where every executive shares their most memorable moments of the past quarter or year. Learning how fellow executives achieved objectives and overcame challenges provides strategic insights and ideas. Executives also form a closer connection by discussing similar experiences.

Murder Mystery

A leader’s ability to overcome unexpected challenges is pivotal to an organisation’s success. That’s why this puzzling murder mystery game is so effective for executives, especially seniors and the C-suite team.

The game sees a famous actress found dead and tasks your crime-solving executives with finding the killer. Together, they’ll need to demonstrate elite problem-solving and team-building skills, all while thinking outside the box. Tasks include reviewing case files and compiling evidence, such as photos, interviews, phone calls, and coroners’ reports.

At the end of the exhaustive investigation, the executives will have identified the murderer and determined the motive and method.  

Best and worst bosses

Just like the rest of us, every executive started from the bottom. Many still have vivid memories of their former bosses, both good and bad. This game encourages executives to share anecdotes of management interactions from early in their careers. Each executive must give a speech about their best and worst bosses, then analyse what made them effective or ineffective leaders.

The game is a good laugh and a great way to get executives to discuss what leadership skills entail.

Cooking up a storm

Food brings us closer together—and it can foster better project management, delegation, and teamwork skills, too. As such, cooking workshops have become a popular option for leadership events, not least because executives get a tasty treat at the end.

Divide your execs into small groups of three and have them tackle an exotic new recipe. With the ingredients already on hand, your executives will start delegating and baking their flavourful creations. For something a wee bit different, try a gin-making workshop instead.

gin-making as a team-building exercise for executives

Kiff & Culture offer team-building experiences for executives

Need a helping hand organising these (or other) team-building experiences for executives?

Get in touch with Kiff & Culture today. As your event-planning experts in Southeast Queensland, we organise an array of corporate get-togethers for companies big and small. Our workshop services include venue hire, catering, transport, facilitation, activities, and more.

Kiff & Culture can organise team-building experiences for executives

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