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6 Great Employee Perks for Today’s Hybrid Work Model

In recent times, the way we work has increasingly shifted to a hybrid work model. But hybrid work has been shown to affect morale and increase feelings of isolation. 

Making staff feel appreciated is more important than ever. It can lead to rockstar retention rates. And employee perks are a great way to make staff feel valued. 

If you’re looking for incentive programs to try… Check out these 6 employee perks to boost morale in today’s hybrid work environment. 

1. Health and Wellness Initiatives

We spend a lot of time sitting, hunched over a device or computer. And this is not so great for our health. 

Prolonged inactivity can contribute to heart disease, weight gain, high blood pressure, and elevated cholesterol, according to the Mayo Clinic

Sitting has even been called the new smoking, and we all know that’s not a healthy pass time.  

On top of improving your health, regular exercise can boost creativity and improve memory.

Having a wellness program available to staff can do double duty. It will encourage your team to improve their well-being. And benefit your business by having motivated and healthy staff fired up to smash KPIs.  

You could consider a program like Wherefit which can provide corporate discounts of up to 50% for a wide range of gyms across Australia. 

2. Mental Health Support

You’ve probably heard of the Great Resignation by now. Good staff are walking away from jobs in droves. But what is the leading underlying cause? 

It’s burnout… which is now classified as a mental health issue.  

Since 2020 the World has gone through it. And so have staff. They’ve had to rapidly adapt to hybrid work arrangements. And face isolation from family, friends, and work teams. 

Also,  downsizing and the economic effects of a pandemic have increased stress and workloads. 

Including a mental health plan in your wellness program can transform your work culture. And retain great staff. 

When your employees feel supported, they’re more likely to stay on board. Having access to mental health support can give staff the tools to be resilient in troubling times. 

Employee programs like Assure can give access to confidential sessions by psychologists. Also, the meditation app Headspace has corporate packages available. Meditation can help staff to adapt to the hybrid work environment. 

3. Regular Corporate Retreats

The isolation of hybrid work coupled with a hum-drum routine can be a drag. Break up the monotony with a corporate retreat. 

In-person corporate retreats can be a great perk for staff. You can combine brainstorming sessions with enriching and fun team building experiences.

Corporate retreats are great for team bonding, boosting morale, and building a strong workplace culture in the face of hybrid work arrangements.   

We have the perfect 3-day adventure for your hardworking team. Our Brisbane to Byron Food Trail will treat your team to the best food, beverage, and activities the area has to offer. 

The included accommodation at Crystalbrook Byron has beautiful conference rooms for when it’s time to get down to business. 

Got something else in mind? We can work with you to curate a bespoke corporate retreat.  

4. Memorable In-Person Meetings 

You can make meetings something to look forward to, rather than groan-inducing. 

Consider booking a special location for yearly wrap-up meetings. Or for meetings highlighting exceptional staff achievements.

Switching up the location can elevate motivation, encourage engagement, and increase in-person interaction within a hybrid work arrangement. 

Crystalbrook Vincent has the most spectacular meeting rooms in Brisbane. Tucked under the iconic Story Bridge, your team will have uninterrupted views of the Brisbane river and city skyline. 

With in-house catering and event planning, Crystalbrook Vincent can help you to make your meeting memorable. 

5. Help With Home Office Set-up

Some staff will have a kitted-out arrangement to switch from office to hybrid work. But many will not.

Hunching over the kitchen bench may be fine for a while. But they’ll soon be familiar with the local physiotherapist. 

Non-ergonomic office equipment can lead to injury and chronic pain… which leads to low productivity and time away from work. 

A great perk for hybrid work arrangements is access to quality office equipment. Having ergonomic chairs, desks and monitors can make a difference when striving to hit KPIs. 

Also, you could consider access to ergonomic specialists. They can assess posture and office set-ups to protect the health of your team. 

6. Regular Breaks and Holidays  

You’d be excused for thinking hustle culture is where it’s at by scrolling through your LinkedIn feed. 

But constant hustle will grind you down. 

If you want to have a motivated and happy team, then allow for regular breaks. 

Scientific research shows that breaks and vacations boost your productivity and wellbeing. 

Having generous holiday allowances is a perk that staff will greatly appreciate. And not only because they need to recharge regularly. 

Your staff have lives outside of work and need time to engage with family and friends. 

To encourage staff to take vacations, you could consider holiday-themed prizes for star employee awards. 

Our gift vouchers are perfect for staff prizes and can be used for any of our tours and experiences

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