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6 Hilarious Hen’s Night Games the Girls will Love

Getting the gang together for the ultimate hen’s night celebration? Kick off the proceedings and break the ice with some fun hens party games. 

We’ve compiled 6 hilarious hen’s night games for you to choose from. Tailor them to be as naughty or demure as you like, depending on your bride’s vibe. 

They’ll get the laughs going while the drinks are flowing. 

1. Hen’s Night Trivia

Everybody loves a good trivia night. It’s the perfect game to pair with a few beverages. And with a hens party, you’ll have a few different trivia themes to choose from.

Have a chat with the bride’s future spouse and get them to answer a few questions. Then at the hen’s night celebration, see how many questions the bride-to-be can answer correctly.

Or, you can test how well your crew knows the bride. If you want to keep the bride out of any hen’s night arrangements you can come up with some questions yourself. Or, you can purchase a how well do you know the bride trivia card game

Hen's night trivia

2. Never Have I Ever…

As the night progresses you may want to get a bit cheeky. Never Have I Ever never fails to deliver. 

Everyone takes a turn telling the group something they’ve never done, by beginning with never have I ever… Anyone who has partaken in the experience has to take a sip of their beverage. 

Get creative and think of some “interesting” things to say. You can be as shocking, or as tame as the vibe permits.

It’s a fantastic and fun way to find out some juicy secrets about your pals. And have some great laughs along the way.

If you need a bit of inspo check out this cute Never Have I Ever Girls Edition game set.

3. Hen’s Night Pictionary 

If you want to unleash your art skills and have a few laughs at the same time… Why not try a unique hens night version of Pictionary? 

It’s an easy game to play around a dinner table or at a bar. So it will fit in with your other hens do plans. 

You can make some cards of your own with fun topics and categories. Or find some to purchase or download. 

Etsy is a treasure trove of hen’s party game resources. They have many options for Hen’s Night Pictionary, ranging from tasteful to titillating. And they’re affordable too. 

To play, divide your crew into at least 2 teams. Each team gets a turn to grab a card and draw what it entails within a set timeframe. Everyone has to guess what the they’re drawing. 

And if you want to get the party loosened up, turn it into a drinking game. Any group with a drawing that doesn’t cut it has to take a shot. 

4. Toilet Paper Wedding Dress

The toilet paper wedding dress game is an oldie but a goodie. And an easy one to organise too. All that’s required is a bunch of toilet paper and your group’s unbridled creativity.

Split the girls up into groups and provide the toilet paper. You can give them some sketch pads and pencils too if you like.

A set time is given for them to get to work on their bridal couture. One group member acts as the model and is draped in the toilet paper creation. The bride then gets to pick the winner. 

Get plenty of embarrassing pictures of the unlucky model in their bespoke dress. 

Hen's party activity

5. Truth or Dare

A party classic… Truth or dare is bound to bring on plenty of laughs. You’ll find out some juicy nuggets of truth about your friends. And see who has a daring side. 

You can try your hand at creating your own unique list of dares. Or there are many different options to purchase such as this fun scratch card truth or dare game

You can find free and affordable hens night-themed truth or dare downloadable guides on the internet. Options range from mild to suit the refined bride. Or super naughty for those looking for a wild night. 

6. All About the Bride 

Want to make the bride feel special and have some fun simultaneously? Arrange for all the bride’s besties to anonymously jot down cute and humorous stories, fond and funny memories, and first impressions they had of her. 

Then get the bride-to-be to read them out and try to guess who the author is.

This game is a great way for everyone to get to know the bride, and have more insight into her personality. Especially if not all party goers are BFFs, or are newer additions to the fold, from the future spouse’s family.  

Looking For The Perfect Location To Host Your Hen’s Night?

If you are yet to arrange the perfect place to host your fun hens party games… We have a range of hens do suitable adventures on offer. 

From epic day trips and 3-day getaways, we’ll take you to the best food and drink around the Brisbane, Gold Coast, Tweed, and Byron Bay regions. 

We’re also happy to work with you to curate a bespoke hens party experience. Let us plan the itinerary so you can get to work on planning those cheeky hens night games!

Hen's party winery tour

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