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Future Focus: 7 Corporate Event Trends For 2024

The Australian event industry is undergoing rapid transformation. Technology and shifting priorities have drastically changed our conferences, incentives, and retreats.

With such a speedy evolution occurring in real time, event professionals need to keep a handle on what’s happening. From in-person get-togethers to tech, here are seven corporate event trends for 2024.

In-person events are back

As COVID lockdowns dwindled into a distant memory, 2023 saw in-person events roar back into action right across Australia. Aussie bosses have been bringing employees back into the office in droves. Staff eager to escape again—even if only for a while—have become all too willing to attend in-person corporate events.

After all, if the pandemic taught us anything, it’s that Zoom calls don’t offer the same networking opportunities as face-to-face interactions.

in-person events are trending in 2024

Experiences matter

Drab, information-dense gatherings won’t cut it in today’s hyper-competitive events landscape. With more events contending for attention, participants can be picky about which shindigs they attend.

From experiential events to immersive activities, savvy planners have been getting creative to bolster engagement. And all this extra engagement leads to a better ROI.  

Advancing tech

AR, VR, and AI have begun to have a tangible impact on Aussie events.

More than a flashy gimmick, augmented/virtual reality lets hosts present digital products in a captivating way. These immersive mediums boost engagement among attendees, ultimately leading to an improved ROI.

While artificial intelligence is yet to up-end the events industry, it’s already automating various tasks. Quick-witted chatbots can whip up documents like budget outlines and business plans.

Data collection for analysis

Event professionals have long sought ways to prove their planning prowess is achieving the desired ROI. Recently, there’s been a focus on data collection to quantify event success and fine-tune future gatherings.

Online platforms like Arena and Cadence can provide engagement insights for virtual events. As for in-person get-togethers? We’re starting to see wearable tech and facial recognition cameras calculate engagement in real-time. The future is nigh.

Sustainability first

Carbon-emitting private jets and landfill-expanding single-use plastics are a faux pas in 2024. As Australians gain more environmental awareness with every new catastrophic flood, businesses jostle to make corporate events more sustainable.

From farm-to-table menus to sustainable venues, there’s a host of ways we can reduce our environmental impact.

sustainability is one of the main corporate event trends for 2024

Enhanced accessibility

Australia is an inclusive society that strives to give everyone a fair go. This universal inclusivity trickles into our corporate events. Accessibility is now a core component of our conferences and business meetings, with closed captions and wheelchair access becoming commonplace.

Successful event planners also incorporate ways to avoid unconscious bias and promote cultural sensitivity.

Tighter budgets

Post-COVID inflation has plunged Australia into a cost-of-living crisis, and the events sector is no exception. Some estimates believe the average cost-per-attendee is now 32% higher than in 2019. With real estate ballooning in value, venue hire is set to become more expensive, too.

As a result of the cost crunch, event planners are working with slimmer budgets and adopting a more strategic approach. It’s now more important than ever to provide—and prove—a healthy ROI.

Kiff & Culture: Keeping up with corporate event trends for 2024

Need a hand staying on top of these corporate event trends for 2024?

Kiff & Culture is your go-to planning pro in Southeast Queensland. With in-depth industry knowledge, luxury ground transport, and a vast network of venues and caterers, we can custom-create the ultimate conference or corporate event.

Get in touch with us today to see how we can help.  

corporate event planning with Kiff & Culture

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