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A Green Executive’s Guide to a Sustainable C-Suite Retreat

There’s a long-held belief that high-performing executives need an ostentatious retreat. From lavish international getaways to over-the-top hotel stays, these budget-busting events should roll out the red carpet.

But successful Aussie companies should consider the environmental impact of a glitzy executive get-together. With climate change causing chaos in Australia, businesses need to reel in carbon emissions to keep consumers onside.

One way to polish your brand’s eco-conscious image is with a sustainable C-suite retreat. No, that doesn’t mean your CFO has to sleep in a tent. Here’s how to reduce emissions while treating your executives to a luxurious event.

Go local

Sending the C-suite on a sumptuous Côte d’Azur soiree? Then cork the champagne and ditch the canapés because the French Riviera is 15,000 km away. International air travel pumps heaps of harmful nitrogen oxides straight into the atmosphere. What’s more, your exec’s carbon footprint will balloon with a business-class ticket. Heaven forbid they fly private.  

Give the exotic overseas retreat a miss in favour of a lux regional gathering. A plethora of picturesque places reside within driving distance of Brisbane, from glistening beaches to verdant rainforests and quaint wine-growing valleys. Staying local doesn’t just slash emissions; it also reduces expenses and minimises travel times.

Seek sustainable luxury

Being a green executive doesn’t mean you have to slum it. A string of sustainable luxury lodgings have sprung up around the region. These swanky C-suite-suitable accommodations offer world-class amenities with minimal environmental impact.

At Crystalbrook Byron, for example, the execs will relish in ritzy five-star suites with floor-to-ceiling windows and rainforest views. From waste-free bathrooms to its energy-efficient architectural design, the hotel adopts numerous eco-friendly practices.  

Rather send your execs further afield? Plenty of other sustainable luxury properties lie scattered around Australia.

Byron Bay corporate retreat

Serve farm-to-table fare

Zero-km cuisine isn’t only about lowering carbon emissions by reducing food miles. It also supports struggling Aussie farmers and strengthens our food sovereignty by reducing reliance on global supply chains. And because it’s consumed shortly after harvesting, local produce is a healthier alternative with less processing and preservatives.

With many tangible benefits, it’s worth incorporating farm-to-table food into your sustainable C-suite retreat. Crystalbrook Byron’s in-house eatery, Forest Restaurant, is an obvious option for its elegant Mod-Oz menu. Organising a hinterland-based retreat? Consider Harvest Newrybar, where locally sourced ingredients get slow-roasted in a 120-year-old oven.

Leadership lessons from nature

Immersing your executives in a pristine natural setting is a surefire way to inspire sustainable thinking. The good news is South East Queensland and Northern NSW are blessed with abundant natural beauty.

From rustic farm stays to soul-stirring eco retreats, our region offers a plethora of picturesque places to stay.

Book a sustainable C-suite retreat with Kiff & Culture

Need a helping hand planning the event?

Kiff & Culture is your go-to agency for a sustainable C-suite retreat. From zero-kilometre dining to eco-friendly venues, our premium products have a modest environmental impact.

Check out our C-suite retreats, or contact us for a quote.

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